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Juniors Open 2023 Attack Recap

By Sirius Lacrosse, 06/24/21, 4:45PM EDT


Juniors Open Attack Rankings

Juniors Open 2023 Attack Recap

Below is a full recap for the 2023 attackmen at the Juniors Open. Top 20 rankings, attribute ratings, notes from the evaluators and pro comparisons. Not everyone gets a pro comparison, only ones the evaluators put in and thought were a good match. These rankings were made by combining all evaluations from the 30+ evaluators that were on site. 

  1. Owen Duffy, Saint Anthony’s High School (N.Y.), Team 91 

  • #1 rated speed, hands and skill, #2 rated versatility, quickness, passing, positional relevance and compete level

“Explosive speed and quickness”

“Best attackman on the field”

“Really crafty… had a few ‘wow’ plays in every game”

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1. Alec Gregorek, Shoreham Wading River High School (N.Y.), Legacy

  • #1 rated athleticism, lacrosse IQ and versatility, #2 rated skill, overall size, strength and hands

“Most likely a middie at the college and pro level”

“Great shooter”

“Sees the field differently”

“Very versatile and complete player”

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1. Davis Provost, Culver Academy (In.), 3d National

  • #4 rated shooting, strength and positional relevance

“A master at getting to his left hand”

“Lights out time and room shooter”

“Strong athlete, good vision”

Pro Comparison: Colin Heacock

  1. Joshua Kelly, Calvert Hall College High School (Md.), FCA

  • #1 rated passing, #6 rated lacrosse skill

“High IQ player with great vision. A complete attackman”

“Always seems to make the right plays”

“One of the best shooters at the event. Time and room and on the run”

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1. Jack Speidell, Saint Anthony’s High School (N.Y.), Team 91 

  • #3 rated passing, #6 rated hands

“2 handed and has a great feel for the game”

“Looked like he was having a quiet game then put in 3 straight”

“Very fundamentally sound all around, sees the field well”

Pro Comparison: Kevin Rice

6. Caulley Deringer Jr., Episcopal High School (Va.), Madlax

  • #3 rated Lacrosse Skill, #6 rated passing

“Silky smooth player with great vision”

“Quick, slippery and crafty”

“Capable right hand”

“WIll need to add some weight before college”

Pro Comparison: Ryder Garnsey

7. Ethan Rubenstein, Taft School (Ct.), Sweetlax Florida

  • #1 rated ground game, #2 rated speed, #4 rated quickness

“Extremely quick and skilled”

“Great vision and IQ”

“Sometimes forces feeds”

Pro Comparison: N/A

8. Thomas Augustine, New Canaan High School (Ct.), Eclipse

  • #2 rated Lacrosse IQ, #4 rated compete level

“Great COD and finishing ability”

“Soft hands”

“Good speed and quickness”

Pro Comparison: Jake Carraway

9. Hayden Celio, Loyola Blakefield (Md.), True Atlantic

  • #3 rated overall size, #4 rated lacrosse IQ and lacrosse skill

“Big lefty with great hands”

“Physical dodger and good vision”

“Great shooter”

“First step quickness is a weakness”

Pro Comparison: Chris Cloutier

10. Ryan DiRocco, The Haverford School (Pa.), Mesa Fresh

  • #5 rated passing

“Great vision, dodging ability, and hands”

Pro Comparison: N/A

11. Jack Ponzio, Connetquot High School (N.Y.). Team 91

  • #5 rated positional relevance, #6 rated overall size, #7 rated stick skills

“Big athletic lefty”

“Matchup problem”

Pro Comparison: Ben Reeves

12. Luke Breitenecker, The Hotchkiss School (Ct.), Predators 

  • #5 rated off ball, #7 rated passing

“Has a nice burst of speed”

“Sees the field well"

Pro Comparison: Jordan Wolf

  1. Bryson Kolinsky, Downingtown East High School (Pa.), Brotherly Love 

  • #4 rated passing

“Silky smooth quarterback”

“Two handed and high IQ”

“Adding some weight will help him at the next level”

Pro Comparison: Jackson Morrill

  1. Greyson McClements, Nobles and Greenough School (Ma.), 3d New England

  • #1 rated compete level, #2 rated stick skills, #3 rated ground game

“Elite vision and feel for his defender”

“Great skill, IQ and body control”

"Has a deep bag of tricks at the island."

Pro Comparison: Christian Cuccinello

  1. Colin French, Randor High School (Pa.), Mesa Fresh

  • #2 in ground game

“Very Quick and is a great finisher”

“Can get stronger and improve his left”

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1. Nate Kabrini, Episcopal High School (Va.), Annapolis Hawks

  • #5 rated Speed

“Great vision and shooting ability”

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1. Ryan Nagle, Duxbury High School (Ma.), Laxachusetts

  • #5 rated shooting

“Put up a lot of points, can do a little bit of everything”

“Great shooter”

“High IQ player with good vision”

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1. Lucas Slate, The Episcopal Academy (Pa.), Mesa Fresh

  • #1 rated positional relevance, #4 Rated off ball offense

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1. Peter Moynihan, The Taft School (Ct.), 2way/ Igloo

  • #3 rated lacrosse IQ, #7 rated quickness

“High IQ and eye popping quickness. Made some great plays”

“Soft hands and great COD”

Pro Comparison: N/A

  1.  Ryan Landolphi, Chaminade High School (N.Y.), Igloo

  • #13 in alpha leadership

“Smooth lefty, head is always up”

“Great finisher”

Pro comparison: Kieran McArdle

Others With Impressive Ratings And Comments:

Owen Binder, Saint Margaret's Episcopal School (Ca.), West Coast Starz

  • #7 rated lacrosse skill #9 rated quickness

Matt Burnham, Loyola Blakefield (Md.), Looneys

  • #4 rated hands

Pro Comparison: N/A

Patrick Carragher, Saint Anthony's High School (N.Y.), Team 91

  • #3 rated strength

Pro Comparison: N/A

Will Devine, St. Ignatius College Preparatory (Ca.), ADVNC

  • #8 rated ground game and positional relevance 

Pro Comparison: N/A

Owen Dixon, Loyola Blakefeild (Md.), Crabs

  • #6 rated lacrosse IQ

Pro Comparison: N/A

Jack Jenkins, Hudson High School (Oh.), Burning River

  • #4 rated athleticism

“Was a standout in the Friday night practice. Hammocked someone over the net during 1v1s”

“Great looking athlete, rides really hard, good vision”

Pro Comparison: N/A

Ben Kangas, De La Salle High School (Ca.), ADVNC/ West Coast Starz

 "I could see him landing at a high D1 school"

"Great looking athlete, sometimes tried to do to much"

Pro Comparison: Ben Reeves

Ethan Lindsay, O'Dea High School (Wa.), Seattle Starz

  • #9 rated strength

Cole Marshala, Mount Sinai High School (N.Y.), Team 91

  • #3 rated off ball, #6 rated hands

"Great finisher, high IQ and soft hands"

Pro Comparison: Will Manny

Matt Moore, Phillips Exeter Academy (N.H.), 3d New England

  • #5 rated overall size

"I love his game, two handed, high IQ and moves well”

"Would like him to be more aggressive”

Pro Comparison: Brendan Sunday

Wally Radebaugh, Loyola Blakefield (Md.), Looney’s

  • #1 rated off ball, #2 rated height, #5 rated strength

Pro Comparison: N/A

Felix Rockefeller, Deerfield Academy (Ma.), LI Express

  • #2 rated height, #1 rated overall size, #5 rated weight

Marcel Vernon Jr., Bishop Guertin High School (N.H.), NH Tomahawks

  • #3 rated athleticism

"Explosive speed and quickness”

"Matchup problem”

”Good size and strength”

 “Finishing ability and hands have room for improvement”

Pro Comparison: N/A

Greyson Vorgang, Niskayuna High School (N.Y.), Albany Power

"Some of the best hands at the event"

"Good size and shooting ability"

Pro Comparison: N/A

Luke Winkler, Ridgefield High School (Ct.), Eclipse 

  • #3 rated hands, #4 rated Quickness, #6 rated Stick skills

“Looks like he has a box bkacground. Possesses great vision”

“Very smart player, great finisher. I can see him coming out of the box at the next level”

Pro Comparison: N/A