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Juniors Open Top 25 Midfielders

By Sirius Lacrosse, 06/26/21, 12:30PM EDT


Juniors Open Top 25 Midfielders

Below are the top 25 midfielders from the Juniors Open. Attribute ratings and evaluator notes are attached as well as a few pro comparisons, only when we felt it was a good match. These rankings were made by combining the evaluations from the 30+ evaluators that were on site. 

1. Alec Gregorek, Shoreham Wading River High School (N.Y.), Legacy

  • #1 rated athleticism and versatility, #2 rated off ball and stick skills, #3 rated lacrosse IQ and ground game

“The most versatile player at the event, he is a true hybrid between attack and midfield, but probably more of a middie when it’s all said and done”

“Scored goals in a variety of ways”

2. AJ Nikolic, Malvern Preparatory School (Pa.), Mesa Fresh, 

  • #2 rated positional relevance, #4 rated versatility, #8th rated strength 

“Has all the tools to make an instant impact to whichever school he chooses”

3. Mikey Rooney, Iona Preparatory School (N.Y.), True National

  • #3 rated positional relevance, #5 rated stick skills, #6 rated lacrosse IQ, #7 rated hands and shooting

“Not overly athletic, but could shoot the ball as well as anyone at the event” 

Pro Comparison: Will Perry 

4. Wills Burt, The Haverford School (Pa.), Mesa Fresh

  • #2 rated speed. #3 rated quickness, #6 rated strength, #9 rated shooting

“Arguably the most athletic player at the event. He can blow his defender consistently”

“His skills can improve. I could see him being a great d mid and lights out in the transition game”

5. Brody Upton, Nobles and Greenough School (Ma.), 3d New England

  • #3 rated versatility, #5 rated lacrosse skill, #6 rated stick skills and hands

“His combination of size and skill make him different than any other player in the class”

“Moves incredibly well for being 6’6”. Will need to get stronger”

6. Larry Horning, Georgetown Preparatory School (Md.), Madlax DC Dogs

  • #2 rated shooting, #3 rated speed, #4 rated athleticism, #5 rated strength

“His combination of athleticism and shooting ability will have his phone off the hook on 9/1”

“Has strength, quickness and speed that others don’t have. Just saw him burst by his guy and snap a corner coming from behind” 

7. Jackson Greene, Saint Anthony’s High School (N.Y.), Team 91

  • #2 rated lacrosse skill, #4 rated hands, lacrosse IQ and stick skills, #1 rated positional relevance

“Got better as the event went on”

“Will be a high D1 offensive midfielder”

Pro Comparison: Drew Snyder

8. Michael Smyth, Saint Paul’s School (Md.), FCA

  • #7 rated positional relevance and versatility, #8 rated lacrosse skill quickness

Can play attack or midfield at the next level, but I see him more as a midfielder” 

Pro Comparison: Ned Crotty

9. Benn Johnston, Avon Old Farms School (Ct.), True National

  • #6 rated height, weight and overall size, #8 strength

“When he got his hands free and put it on cage no goalie was stopping it”

“Really fast when he gets going. Will need to develop his first step and stick skills”

10. Tucker Kellogg, Trinity-Pawling School (N.Y.), Primetime

  • #3 rated shooting, #10 rated lacrosse skill

“Didn’t produce as much as I expected. Maybe because he drew the pole every time, but still showed that he is one of the best shooters in the class.” 

“Looks like he added 10-15 pounds of muscle since I last saw him”

Pro Comparison: Mike Chanenchuck 

11. Jordan Faison, Pine Crest School (Fl.) Team 91

  • #2 rated quickness, #4 rated passing and athleticism, #8 rated speed

“His quickness and shiftiness makes up for lack of size and strength. Will need to develop a left hand.”

Pro Comparison: Sergio Salcido

12. Oscar Woloson, Gilman School (Md.), FCA

  • #5 rated passing, #6 rated positional relevance, #7 rated quickness 

“Fast and smart player. Can get down the left alley at will. Right hand and strength can improve”

13. Matthew Han, Paul VI Catholic High School (Va.), Madlax DC Dogs

  • #6 rated versatility, #8 rated quickness and hands

“High IQ, great vision and hands. I could see him coming out of the box and inverting a lot”

14. Bo Horvath, Downingtown East High School (Pa.), Brotherly Love

  • #3 rated strength, #5 rated quickness, #6 rated speed

 “Has great quickness and speed. Stick skills and hands will need to improve” 

15. Gavin Burlace, Saint Mary’s High School (Md.), Annapolis Hawks

  • #2 rated ground game, #4 rated compete level, #4 rated lacrosse IQ and off ball offense

16. CJ Reilly, Cold Spring Harbor High School (N.Y.), LI Express

  • #14 rated shooting

“Impressive shooting ability lefty and righty”

“Ideal size and athleticism for high D1 lacrosse”

17. Aidan Lough, Chaminade High School (N.Y.), LI Express

  • #5 rated weight, #7 rated stick skills, #8 rated shooting

“Could get quicker”

“One of the best shooters at the event”

18. Peyton Drone, Centre Wellington District High School (On.), Edge/True National

  • #2 rated lacrosse IQ, #3 rated hands and off ball offense, #4 rated lacrosse skill

"Great skill and finishing ability"

19. Bruno Chapman, Saint Ignatius College Preparatory (Ca.), ADVNC and West Coast Starz

  • #2 rated Height, #3 rated size, #11 stick skills and strength

20. Aidan Haggerty, Manhasset High School (N.Y.), Igloo

  • #2 rated off ball offense, #11 rated lacrosse IQ

“Really smart player. Very quick and a good shooter on the run”

21. Joseph Calandrino, Farmingdale High School, LI Express

  • #4 rated strength and weight, #6 rated ground game, #7 rated height

“Great size and athleticism. Hands and skills can improve. Could be a great d mid at the next level”

22. Theodore Gabrielian, Avon Old Farms (Ct.), 2Way

  • #7 rated passing, #11 rated versatility

“Highly skilled player that can play both attack and midfield”

“Good athlete. Can shoot the ball well and sees the field like a college player”

23. Gavin Dallas, Eastlake High School (Wa.), ADVNC, Seattle Starz and West Coast Starz

  • #6 rated quickness, #7 rated speed

“I could see him being a lights out d mid at the next level”

“As athletic as they come, but will need to improve his hands and stick skills if he is going to be an offensive midfielder at the highest level of college lacrosse”

24. JJ Aiello, Bayport Blue Point High School (N.Y.), Team 91

  • #1 rated height, #2 rated strength and weight

“Big lefty dominates matchups”

25. Stephen Fulchino, Gilman School (Md.), FCA

  • #9 rated ground game, #11 rated off ball offense