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Top 15 Juniors Open Defensemen

By Sirius Lacrosse, 06/26/21, 2:00PM EDT


Top 15 2023 Juniors Open Defensmen

Here are the top 15 defensemen from the Juniors Open. These rankings were made by combining all evaluations from the 30+ evaluators that were on site. 

1. Nicholas Lancaster, The Taft School (Ct.), Eclipse

  • #1 rated athleticism, speed, strength, team defense, versatility positional relevance and weight. #2 rated stick skills

2. Kevin Kearns, Saint Anthony’s High School (N.Y.), Team 91

  • #1 rated hands, height, lacrosse IQ, lacrosse skill, overall size, stick skills and passing. #2 rated strength, weight and positional relevance

3. Ty Banks, Western Reserve Academy (Oh.), West Coast Starz

  • #1 rated checking, #2 rated lacrosse IQ, #3 rated versatility, speed, ground game and athleticism

4. William Abramson, Landon School (Md.), Next Level

  • #2 rated athleticism, compete level, overall size and speed. #3 weight, feet

5. Grant Ettinger, Bullis School (Md.), Madlax DC Dogs

  • #1 rated compete level, #2 rated checking, #4 rated positional relevance

6. Donny Scott, The Hill Academy (On.), Thunder

  • #2 rated ground game, #3 rated hands, lacrosse IQ and passing

7. Joseph Cassese, Plainedge High School (N.Y.), Igloo

  • #1 rated ground game, #4 rated checking and team defense

8. Jackson Bishop, Culver Academy (In.), West Coast Starz

  • #3 rated height, #4 rated athleticism, ground game and speed

9. John “Jack” Gammage lll, Deerfield Academy (Ma.), 2Way

  • #3 rated positional relevance and stick skills, #4 rated size, #5 rated lacrosse IQ

10. Cole Aasheim, Saint Anthony’s High School (N.Y.), LI Express

  • #2 rated passing, #3 rated strength and lacrosse skills, #4 rated stick skills, #5 rated height and weight

11. Tyler Guiliano, Sachem East High School (N.Y.), Team 91

  • #5 rated versatility, #6 rated positional relevance and checking

12. Cade Galko, Hilliard Darby High School (Oh.), Haymakers

  • #5 rated size and hands

13. Gavin Clary, Saint Paul’s School (Md.), FCA

  • #1 rated feet

14. Nicholas Jaferis, Mount Sinai High School (N.Y.), Team 91

  • #2 rated feet, #3 rated size, #6 rated weight

15. Lloyd Ziparo, Christian Brother’s Academy (N.Y.), Orange Crush

  • #11 rated height, #12 rated weight